Body as Compass: Dreams & the Soul
February 17, 20230

7-9:30pm EST / 4-6:30pm PST “In the deepest sense, we all dream not of ourselves, but out of what lies between us and the other.”    – C.G. Jung Our bodies and dreams may be our closest links to the unconscious, expressing the soul’s longing through image, breath, gesture, the rhythm of our step, and the […]

Margaret Wilkinson: A Master Class in Neurobiological Approaches ~ Mind-body-brain Perspectives in Psychotherapy
March 16, 2013

10:00am- 3:30pm Sponsored by The Psychotherapy Institute We very much need a theory and practice where the best of the old is conserved yet where new insights are integrated and used effectively. Wilkinson puts forward the value of an interdisciplinary whole person approach that conserves our rich inheritance from Freud and Jung but also takes […]