*COVID-19 safety measures: Please note that due to the pandemic, I will be providing virtual sessions via the phone, Zoom, or Skype until there’s adequate safety for face-to-face sessions.

“The body is merely the visibility of the soul, the psyche; and the soul is the psychological experience of the body. So it is really one and the same thing.”                                                                                                      ~ C. G. Jung

Individual Consultation

Individual consultation is available for analysts, psychotherapists, interns, allied health professionals, spiritual counselors, and educators who wish to integrate somatic, movement, and creative arts therapy interventions into their verbal work. I also welcome students and those interested in learning more about depth psychology, somatic, movement, and creative arts therapies.

To learn more about how I integrate movement into verbal psychotherapy, here is a brief video.


Movement Sessions

The body is the home of feeling; the house of memory.
To heal, we need access to it.

Movement explorations can be used adjunctively to enrich and support ongoing analysis/psychotherapy with an outside analyst/therapist.

Authentic Movement sessions provide opportunities for body/psyche/spirit integration as a primary mode of personal/professional growth and transformation.

Structured movement sessions are also available. Guided interventions can help clients feel safe as they become increasingly aware of their unconscious bodily sensations, emotions, thought processes, and relationship patterns.

Structured movement explorations can help develop embodied presence, expand our emotional and movement repertoire, promote interpersonal connectedness, access creative imagination, and enhance our capacity to engage the world in new and healthier ways.

To hear about connecting to your authentic self through the body, click here.