4-day Dream Summit with Tina Stromsted, Ph.D. & 11 expert Dreamworkers & Depth Psychologists

January 14, 2021 - January 17, 2021


Note: This Dream Summit was broadcast for free during the Summit dates, and is now available for purchase to watch at your convenience!

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You are invited to join us for Jung Platform’s online Dream Summit. Dreams can be practical, helpful and prophetic. They can help us deal with the complexities of daily life and are among the most helpful experiences we can use in our personal development – inner guidance so needed in these challenging times.  But, how do we fully relate to these gifts from our inner world?

We’ll bring you the varied perspectives of 12 Jungian analysts, depth psychologists, and dream workers to guide you toward incubating, embodying, and living the power of dreams.  We’ll share helpful tools and make old wisdom accessible as we guide you in how these expressions from the other world can aid your unfolding journey.

Join us in engaging with your dreams and deepening our community as we navigate these times of profound change!


The Summit includes:

DreamDancing® – Dance New States of Consciousness Into Your Life

January 15, 2020       10am PT / 1pm ET

In this Dream Summit interview Tina Stromsted teaches us how to use our bodies to get in touch with the healing and creative energies present in our dreams. Dancing is not only natural and fun, but also offers a soulful and effective way of experiencing dreams on a deeper level. Tina will show us how we can experience different energy forms embodied in our dreams, while we explore figures, objects, and dreamscapes through movement.

Jung considered dance as one of the forms of the Active Imagination.  This embodied approach makes dreams accessible for both the beginner and advanced dreamer to practice. Come and discover the creative, exciting experience DreamDancing® has to offer. You’ll learn how to bring the energy and guidance of dreams into your daily life, navigate challenges, and dance more joyfully through your existence.

During this session you’ll discover:

  • How to bring the energy and guidance of your dreams into your daily life;
  • How to get in touch with a dream character through embodiment & movement;
  • Learn a creative, experiential way of working with your dreams.

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