Margaret Wilkinson: A Master Class in Neurobiological Approaches ~ Mind-body-brain Perspectives in Psychotherapy

March 16, 2013
Price: $160- $110

10:00am- 3:30pm

Sponsored by The Psychotherapy Institute

Margaret picture for TinaWe very much need a theory and practice where the best of the old is conserved yet where new insights are integrated and used effectively. Wilkinson puts forward the value of an interdisciplinary whole person approach that conserves our rich inheritance from Freud and Jung but also takes on board insights from attachment research, trauma research and the neurobiology of emotion.

Some of the questions she will seek to explore with us include: “What insight does neurobiology offer to our clinical understanding of our clients’ inner world experiences and their patterns of relating? How can we better understand the relationship of brain to mind? Does the plasticity of the brain contribute to therapeutic change, and if so, how?”

The master class will focus on case material, exploring it from the perspectives of emotion, attachment, trauma, and neurobiology research. Margaret will work with a clinician from the TPI community, Amy Glick, MFT. Amy will present clinical material and Margaret will comment as the presentation goes along. Members of the audience will also be invited to join in.

CEU: 4 units (BBS approved for MFTs and LCSWs; CPA approved for psychologists)

Registration: $130 TPI members; $160 nonmembers; $110 students and interns; Register online at