Wellsprings of Feminine Renewal IV—A Personal Adventure: “Beauty & the Beast”

June 4, 2007 - June 10, 2007

Come seek renewal at the summer solstice season. In a beautiful mountain retreat with panoramic views of the Pacific, we will travel pathways to the deep feminine. A former monastery, this site offers peaceful gardens, delicious food, and a swimming pool to nurture the bodysoul.

This year, the fairytale “Beauty and the Beast” is our avenue to the psyche, evoking crucial themes: an endangered feminine, a brutalized masculine, and the redemptive, but threatened power of love to bridge the opposites and achieve the sacred inner marriage. Deep psychological explorations will reveal its relevance to our personal journey and the wider world.

We dive into the riches of the unconscious through dreams, bodily states, and creativity. Authentic movement is a natural means to connect with buried energies, and discover one’s inner dance as it unfolds. Simple and playful vocal explorations help reclaim one’s true voice (often long denied), through relaxation, breathing, & sounding. This approach does not involve performance, and is attuned to the individual’s needs. Enhanced by music and the arts, these dynamic processes support individuation and integration.

This intensive provides an opportunity to engage the feminine and inner masculine in a safe and nurturing vessel. New participants are welcome. Previous participants are encouraged to continue the series to deepen their journey.

Open to women who have completed at least 50 hours of Jungian analysis/related in-depth therapy and 50 hours of bodywork. Others with relevant background are encouraged to apply with consent of instructor.

For more information please see: www.mwoodmanfoundation.org (MFF programs/June calendar)

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