USABP Webinar: Soul’s Body: Healing the Body/Psyche/ Soul Split through Conscious Embodiment

February 26, 2015
Price: Free

Live Webinar 7:00PM – 9:00PM EST

PrayerStoneMoon_TriceThe Body/Psyche/Soul split is the result of early wounding experiences such as abuse, neglect, or a lack of cherishing and witnessing, where one loses a sense of well being in the body/psyche. As emotions pile up in body and energy cannot move freely, one may experience vulnerability and psycho-somatic disorders.

Conscious embodiment is one method of healing the body/psyche/soul split, as one learns to listen to, value, and work with images of the psyche through dreams and Jung’s active imagination method. By utilizing embodied wisdom as an integrative compass, one learns to respond to their inner guide and live more closely to the Soul’s Call.

In this webinar we will engage the following questions:

·      What is the Body/Psyche/Soul Split and how does it manifest somatically?

·      What is conscious embodiment and how do we achieve it?

·      What role do dreams and imagination play in healing process?

·      What is Soul’s Body and what integrative healing methods does it involve?

·      How do we apply these methods in clinical practice (demonstrated through case examples)?

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