Teleconference: Re-Inhabiting the Body-Authentic Movement as a pathway to transformation

April 29, 2013
Price: Free

with Tina Stromsted, interviewed by Colleen Russell

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One of the most potent avenues I have found for recovering the body/psyche/soul connection is Authentic Movement. The practice can provide a powerful avenue to engage the unconscious through bodily expression, bringing clarity and healing to our woundednesss, allowing exploration and expression of the new life energy seeking to emerge.

The journey through life is not simply metaphorical, psychological, or spiritual, but also concretely experienced in the body. Together with our dreams and intuition, the body can act as a compass to guide our lives.”  ~Tina Stromsted

Join us for a free teleconference on the healing power of Authentic Movement. We’ll explore such questions as:

  • What is authentic movement?
  • How does it help us heal?
  • Why have we been so disconnected from our bodies?
  • How can we return to a sense of home in our body?

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