Symbols in the Body: The Dance of Three

April 4, 2019

2:00pm – 3:30pm


*March 20th is the deadline to register for the conference!

“The symbols of the self arise in the depths of the body.”      – C.G. Jung

three female figures dancing and playing

Our bodies and dreams may be our closest links to the unconscious, expressing the soul’s longing through image, breath, gesture, the rhythm of our step, and the music of our speech. Movement that emerges from a genuine source within us, when made conscious and integrated into lived experience, is by its very nature transformative.

This workshop focuses on The Dance of Three, a further application of Authentic Movement developed by Marion Woodman and her team. A form of embodied active imagination, the practice involves a mover/client, a mirror/therapist, and a container/supervisor who explore the dynamics of their relationships. Working in groups of three, each participant will have an opportunity to move, witness, contain, and reflect on his/her embodied experience. The triad supports the regenerative effects of natural movement and empathic response.

The Dance of Three explores the nonverbal underpinnings of psychotherapy through direct experience of bodily-felt sensations, imagination, emotions, and empathic witnessing practice.  Practitioners may explore and develop the “Illuminated Imagination” in a safe, embodied, and relational way.

This simple yet powerful meditative and therapeutic approach bridges body, psyche, and spirit through expressive movement and reflective witnessing. Participants can deepen their ability to be present with oneself and with another in a more vital, increasingly conscious relationship. The practice invites a level of perception of self and other that can evoke deep respect and empathy.

Please join us in our dance to celebrate the integration of body, mind, and spirit in the healing process. With roots in Jung’s Depth Psychology, The Dance of Three allows participants to gain an appreciation of how creativity through natural movement enhances self-awareness, access to the play of the imagination in the body, empathic response, and attuned communication.

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