Marion Woodman & the Embodied Soul

May 18, 2014

Plenary Session

Imagination and Medicine ImageTina Stromsted, Ph.D., BC-DMT is a Jungian analyst whose work in embodied therapies draws upon pioneer Dr. Marion Woodman’s BodySoulRhythms® approach to integrative healing. Dr. Stromsted will reflect on Woodman’s work in bringing consciousness to the body/psyche/soul split suffered by many modern women and men, which often manifests in somatic symptoms. Healing this “disembodied” condition requires an integration of medical practices, relational elements, and non-verbal creative and somatic therapies that support individuals in re-inhabiting the body, evoking the inner healer.

Working with dreams in the body, Jungian concepts, movement, art and voice are important tools in accessing the wisdom of the body. As Woodman’s long-time student, colleague, and friend, Tina will discuss the relevance of Marion’s work to the practice of contemporary medicine, neuroscience, and psychotherapy. Illuminated by filmed footage of Woodman describing her life and work, this talk will be interwoven with Tina’s experience with integrative healing using case examples and personal reflection. Dr. Stromsted will also explore how she has built upon Woodman’s work in bringing the body into analytic practice.

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