Life as a Soul Journey Conference

November 7, 2021 - November 11, 2021

9:00-12:30pm PST / 12-3:30 EST

Presenters:  Jean Houston, Stephen Aizenstat, Dennis Slattery, Lionel Corbett,  Tina Stromsted, & Robert Romanyshyn

While the rewards of engaging with the soul are boundless, working with the soul is not an easy task. The soul expresses itself in the language of riddles – symbols, metaphors, and poetics – and demands a night-time awareness from us.

jp conference artwork product image03This five-day live online conference has been designed to help you understand the perspective of the soul and to apply a Life as Soul Journey perspective to your life and that of others. The conference brings together exceptional teachers to provide you with perspectives and tools to develop and nurture a relationship with your soul.

In live webinars, our pioneering teachers will delve into topics related to the Soul: the imaginal realm, creativity, spirituality, the body and the individuation process. This event consists of 15 hours of excellent talks, opportunity for Q&A, and lots of food for the Soul. The permanent recordings of this event will available after the event.

Professionals in the healing space (therapy, social work, human resources, etc), as well as individuals interested in connecting with their soul, will benefit from this online conference.

This conference is designed to help you:

  • Explain what the perspective ‘Life as Soul Journey’ means and how it helps to identify what is personally meaningful;
  • Explain how paying attention to the imaginal realm, creativity, spirituality, body and individuation enriches one’s life;
  • Describe how a soul perspective offers guidance when dealing with pain, anxiety, depression or suffering in a personal and professional setting, and
  • Use this perspective to empower decisions so that you can move in the direction of your true calling.

15 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) will be available if you register and attend the entire live event.


Tina’s Experiential Presentation:

Soul’s Body: Listening to Soul’s Whisper

The landscape of our dreams, when illuminated, has the ability to bring depth and meaning to our lives. We become encouraged to know the disowned parts of ourselves—the parts that we are in conflict with and turned away from. Tina Stromsted will draw inspiration from Authentic Movement and Marion Woodman’s BodySoul® work to engage with our dreams, reawakening our natural rhythms, instinctual wisdom, and the songs of our soul. Our session will help you engage your body, psyche, senses, and emotions toward healing and fulfilment. It is by encountering our wounding and our potential that we become reconnected with the instinctual resources and spiritual intelligence. The soul whispers to us to recover the unlived parts of our nature; and, our dreams carry the treasures to become our guide on this journey. Join Tina Stromsted to learn how to respond to this inner prompting and channel this vital energy for the welfare of the individual and the community.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe how Jung’s Active Imagination in Movement can be used in individual healing and psychotherapeutic settings;
  • Apply embodied processes in becoming aware of the body, and identifying the symbolic messages from the unconscious, and
  • Utilize Marion Woodman’s BodySoul Rhythms® approach to assess one’s wounding and potential.


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