Interview on DreamDancing®

January 2, 20220
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“Dreams are a way to manifest the unconscious, where the unconscious gives us a picture of its life and what it wants of us… The images give the movement meaning, while sensation and movement ground the image in emotional reality.”

 – Joan Chodorow Ph.D

The Dreamwork Summit included four rich days of interviews with 20+ leading teachers including Indigenous healers, Jungian analysts, and Dreamworkers from many traditions who explore this deep, inner source of wisdom & guidance that unfolds while you’re sleeping — in the form of symbols, images, landscapes, messages, and emotions that are in service to your wellbeing, happiness, creative fulfillment, and that of the greater world.

Here are some highlights from this inspiring Summit:

  • How the ancient practice of shamanism views dreams, and ways you can experience shamanic dreaming
  • Dreams as inspiration for bringing your creative self forward
  • Ways that dreams can show you the future to help you better navigate your life
  • The potency inherent in symbols and images and how they can help you discover new insights about yourself to heal &              transform
  • Somatic approaches to dreamwork that look to the body and our feelings for interpretation, healing & transformation
  • Collective dreams and how they can help validate our connection to ALL & promote profound healing

In my interview, I describe DreamDancing® and the many benefits of this integrative, somatic approach to dream interpretation for psychotherapists, spiritual and healing practitioners, clients, students, artists, social activists, and curious dreamers.

To learn more about DreamDancing®, here is an article: Embracing the Body, Healing the Soul .

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