Engage the Shadow – Free Summit at the Jung Platform!

November 10, 2022 - November 13, 2022

9am PT/12pm ET



The Shadow, a central element in C.G. Jung’s psychology, represents undeveloped and hidden aspects of ourselves that have been repressed or never recognized.

What is the Shadow and how is it a part of our personal lives and society at large? What is the function of the Shadow? How can we recognize it in ourselves, and learn its impact on our daily lives and in the world?  What is the benefit of integrating the Shadow parts of ourselves for our personal life’s journey, and for the health of our communities and for the planet?

In this 4 day event seasoned analysts & depth psychology teachers shed light on the concept of the Shadow, offering insights and practical tools for engaging with the Shadow through dreams, work with addictions, the body, relationships, astrology, and the timeless wisdom of fairytales, toward personal, collective, and ecological healing. Themes include the personal shadow, collective shadow, the shadow in relationships, and how the shadow manifests in dreams.

The summit will conclude with a live workshop in working with the shadow in dreams with Jung Platform founder Machiel Klerk. Come join us as we explore this deeply timing subject, reclaiming and exploring a part of ourselves that makes an impact on the world.

In these sessions you will get the chance to:

  • Learn the concept of Shadow
  • Explore aspects of personal Shadow and how it shows up in day to day life
  • Learn about collective Shadow and its impact on society and the individual
  • Recognize the Shadow in close relationships with others
  • Gain awareness and practical tools to help you work with your own Shadow aspects
  • Participate in live workshop led by Machiel Klerk, followed by Q&A


Shadow and the Body” November 11, 11am PT/2pm ET

Tina Stromsted focuses on how the Shadow manifests itself in the body, especially in the case of trauma. She’ll explore how we can access and work with these embodied Shadow states. Tina gives us examples of how we can do depth healing work through embodiment where we meet shadow elements through dreams, embodied active imagination, dance/movement & the creative arts therapies. She also explores how there are shadow elements in our addictive habitual patterns (not simply substances but a way of life that affects us all and impacts the planet). Through engaging the body we can bring creativity in life, nurture sensuality, develop the conscious/sacred feminine toward the sacred marriage, and live a meaningful, soulful, bodyful life!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How trauma gets stored in the body and becomes a Shadow aspect
  • How embodied creative states can release the negative Shadow
  • How the body is an alchemical vessel where we can turn lead into gold

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