Embracing your Body, Nourishing your Soul

October 12, 20190

Tina Stromsted, Ph.D, Jungian Analyst; Assisted by Margareta Neuberger, MA

Sponsored by C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

Time: 10am – 5pm

“The body is merely the visibility of the soul, the psyche; and the soul is the psychological experience of the body.  So it is really one and the same thing.”    – C.G. Jung

58ce4597 71b7 4bd3 ad29 9bb4470eec40How do we hear the call of the soul and the guidance of our inner voice to nourish ourselves in these volatile, polarized, fast-paced times? Join us as we engage Jung’s active imagination method, illuminating a pathway by sensing your body, exploring your dreams, and accessing your inner wisdom through movement, drawing and writing.

What does it mean to live a vital, embodied life in our modern world, which is so devoted to power, speed, technological advancement, and materialism? How can we rediscover the sacredness of our bodies and the Eros in everyday life?

Jung’s Active Imagination method provides avenues for receiving guidance from your inner landscape through body awareness, movement, dreamwork, drawing, and writing. These approaches allow access to rich inner resources – reawakening our natural rhythms, instinctual wisdom, and the songs of the soul. Integrating Jungian Theory, BodySoul Work®, Somatics, and the creative arts, we will explore bodily experience in the process of healing and transformation, so vital to therapeutic practice, daily life, and the wellbeing of the planet.

Join us for a day-long retreat to nourish your own voice and illuminate your path. Together, we can learn from and support each other in building toward a more resilient, resourceful community.

No experience is necessary. Clinicians, healing practitioners, educators, artists, and those interested in growth and matters of the spirit… all are welcome!

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*Image: “The Flame of Surrender” by Mara Friedman (1997)