Embodied Jung Conference

September 7, 2022 - September 11, 2022


“The idea of the self, could not exist for one single moment if there were not a body to create and maintain that distinctness.”   ~ C.G. Jung

Picture2At this point of our history there is a great need to further understand the mind/body connection, the interplay of the emotions and consciousness, the interconnectedness of sentient life, understanding  “lived experience” and “felt meaning,” and how these experiences affect our relationship to self, other and the world.

Are we moving further and further away from the body/matter/materia of the world which might leave us with a meaningless world, disconnected from reality; and/or are we in a time of rediscovering the world of “body” and its connection to the individual and the collective psyche?

Although C.G. Jung already in his early studies pointed out the importance of the body in facing the psyche/soul in himself and his patients, body has been largely neglected in Jungian psychoanalysis or other verbal-oriented psychotherapies. Our intention is thus to address this lacuna, to bring body and body phenomena out of the shadows and to situate them more consciously at the heart of psychotherapy/analysis in the awareness that in the room there are not only two souls but also two breathing bodies and that healing, i.e. “making whole”, is only possible if these two mysterious realms, soul and body or butterfly and serpent, form a living unity or “with-ness” (E. Edinger) and are in a constant reciprocal interaction and exchange.

Tina will join other international Jungian colleagues to present “embodied lectures” and movement experiences. This professional conference is dedicated to the integration, awareness, and essential nature of the somatic experience in the analytical process and in life!

All are welcome! Students and practitioners of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy and/or somatic, body-centered disciplines are especially encouraged to attend.

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