Embodied Alchemy®: Authentic Movement, Neuroscience, & the Somatic Unconscious

April 25, 20150


Many traditional verbal and cognitive therapies prioritize mental insight over the impactful role of embodied experience. Yet, as contemporary neuroscience shows us, genuine healing involves more than verbalization: deeper integration requires the body.

Alchemy, an ancient practice involving material and spiritual elements, was rediscovered by C.G. Jung as he sought to understand the imagery in dreams. Jung noted that reappearing images heralded changes in the embodied psyche, reflecting a deeper transformative process at work.

Alchemy’s transformative processes can be expressed through the practice of Authentic Movement, a therapeutic and meditative body/mind approach.  Participants move in response to felt sensation and imagery, bringing light to the somatic unconscious.

In this workshop, participants will engage the alchemical metaphor in relation to the embodied individuation process as it relates to the practice of psychotherapy. Elements from Jungian theory, neuroscience and attachment work will be interwoven and further integrated through drawing, writing and discussion.

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