DreamDancing®: Exploring the Opposites

April 23, 2023 - April 23, 2023

2-4pm PDT

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,  but by making the darkness conscious.”  ~  C.G. Jung

DreamDancers Malone

In these challenging, polarizing times we are called to draw from creative, healing energies from deeper parts of the Self.

Dreams, imagination, and embodied knowing offer profound resources ~ personally, culturally, and from the timeless collective unconscious that connects us to one another, to all of life, and to the creative intelligence that informs us all.

Transformation is an embodied, cellular process involving reclaiming rejected parts of the self necessary for wholeness. Re-integrating shadow material projected onto others is essential to the work: What could emerge if we reclaim this “other?”

Authentic Movement, or embodied active imagination, is a simple yet powerful meditative and therapeutic approach that bridges body and psyche through expressive movement, inviting descent into the body and psyche within a safe environment.  Shadow elements held in the body often emerge spontaneously ~  energy that can have a profoundly transformative effect when experienced, differentiated, and integrated.

Exploring body-level responses provides a bridge to the unconscious.  Freeing life energy essential for growth, it connects us to a deeper sense of knowing, creativity, and wholeness ~ for ourselves, as healing practitioners, and as world citizens attuning to an evolving planetary call.

Through presentation, natural movement, and sharing we will rediscover the light in the darkness. Please bring a dream figure – or your sense of a person in your life, past or present – who inspires you!

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