Chaos and Order: The Dance of Creative Forces

April 5, 2024 - April 11, 2024

CEUs & Certificates of Attendance available.

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” – C.G. Jung

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Tina’s Presentation & Experiential workshop:

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Body as Compass: Navigating the Opposites in a Changing World” – an opportunity to explore the integration of the opposites within ourselves, in relationship, and in the world.


Program Overview:  From Jung in Ireland

“Sometimes, our lives can feel chaotic, unstable, and disorienting. The outer world around us can also seem to be falling apart and in disarray. We crave order, sanity and inner peace. For change to happen, however, old patterns and ways need to be disrupted on both the personal and collective levels.

In modern chaos theory, we now realize that order and structure can be spontaneously generated out of disorder. What seems like randomness, can give way to new underlying patterns that evolve and self-organize.

In our psyches, chaos, mayhem and disorder can lead to a time of renewal, generativity, wisdom and growth that we didn’t know we had within us.  It can assist us in reinventing ourselves and harnessing the creative forces within. By holding the tension of opposites—of chaos and order—what Jung calls the Transcendent Function emerges—a resolution that is neither order nor chaos, but rather a third and entirely new entity.

Join Jung in Ireland’s outstanding faculty of Jungian analysts, and the erudite monks of Glenstal Abbey as we explore the dance of creative forces in chaos and order.”

Setting: County Limerick

During this week we will spend our days in picturesque Country Limerick where our sessions will be held at the Glenstal Abbey, a short distance from our accommodations at the Castletroy Park Hotel and the City of Limerick. Contrasting with the sleepy country villages, Limerick City is a busy and well-developed city, straddling the banks of the River Shannon. Founded by the Vikings and eventually taken over by the Irish, today Limerick is a vibrant multi-cultural city, including interesting cultural and historical sights.

Conference Venue:

Glenstal Abbey, (aerial view at the top of this page) home to a community of monks — many renowned scholars among them — is a Benedictine monastery on the southwest coast of Ireland. It sits on over 300 acres, with streams, lakes, woodland paths, and an enchanting walled garden. Surrounding a castle built in the romantic Norman style, the Abbey houses a world-famous collection of Russian icons and one of the most important private libraries in Ireland. The library includes a substantial collection of antiquarian books — many dating back to the fifteenth century — on Irish history, Irish literature, biography, and art.

Hotel Accommodations:

The Castletroy Park Hotel, situated within walking distance of the University of Limerick and the Shannon River, and a short drive to Limerick’s center, will be an ideal location for our program at Glenstal Abbey. A 20-minute drive from our hotel to the Abbey, the Castletroy Park Hotel is also within a short drive of Limerick’s major landmarks, including John’s Castle and the famed Hunt Museum.


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