BodySoul Rhythms®; Leadership Training Program

April 1, 2010

The Marion Woodman Foundation is pleased to announce a new BodySoul Rhythm®; Leadership Training Program that began in 2008 and concludes in 2010. . This is a rigorous, three-year series of required, sequential courses including BSR Phase 2 Intensives and Leadership Seminars.

Faculty includes Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, Ann Skinner, Paula Reeves, Tina Stromsted, Meg Wilbur, Dorothy Anderson, Judith Harris and others trained to teach the BSR approach.

Participants in the Leadership Training completed a minimum of 3 BodySoul Intensives before beginning their training in 2008.

Future programs in In-depth Personal and Professional Development in the BodySoul Rhythms approach will be offered beginning in 2010.

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