Awakening Soul’s Body: The Dance of Three with Tina Stromsted, Ph.D. Jungian Analyst and Dance Therapist

April 14, 2012

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[email protected] Tel: (707) 664 -2130

Tuition: Donation

This workshop invites participants to explore the nonverbal underpinnings of psychotherapy through direct experience of bodily-felt sensations, imagination, emotions, and physical action.  Authentic movement, an embodied form of C.G. Jung’s active imagination method, provides a simple, yet powerful, vehicle for self-knowing, bridging body and psyche through expressive movement.

“The Dance of Three” is a further application of Authentic Movement developed by Marion Woodman in her BodySoul Rhythms™ approach, involving a primary mover, an engaged responder, and a reflective witness, exploring the dynamics of their relationship.  This approach can enhance the ability to be present, with oneself and with another, in a more vital, increasingly conscious relationship, inviting a level of perception of self and other that evokes deep respect and empathy.

This didactic and experiential workshop will provide a temenos for attending to gestures that arise from the depths of the body, expressing the soul. Through respectful inner listening, moving, witnessing, drawing and writing we will support the unfolding of a source that informs the self, relationship, and the natural world.   No experience in dance is necessary, only curiosity and a bit of courage to open to the unknown.

Please dress comfortably for movement, and in layers for warmth. Please also bring your journal, your favorite art materials if you wish, and a bag lunch. Paper and pastels will be available.


Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., MFT, BC-DTR is a Jungian analyst, Somatic psychotherapist, and Board Certified Dance therapist with a private practice in San Francisco. Past co-founder and faculty of the Authentic Movement Institute in Berkeley and a founding member of the Women’s Spirituality program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), she teaches at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, in the Depth Psychology/Somatics Doctoral program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, with Marion Woodman and her team in BodySoul Rhythms™ Leadership Intensives, and numerous universities and healing centers internationally. With roots in theater and dance and thirty-five years of clinical experience, her publications explore the integration of body, mind, psyche and soul in healing and transformation. Tina’s passion is in reclaiming body wisdom, integrating creative methods in healing and growth, in-dwelling with nature, and living a life of soul.