Anima Mundi in Transition: Cultural, Clinical, & Professional Challenges

August 28, 2016

9:00 – 17:15

20th International Congress of Analytical Psychology

Pre-Congress Workshop on Authentic Movement: Danced and Moving Active Imagination

WaterFireDetailFranzVonStuck1913.2-1“Psyche is as much a living body as body is living psyche.”

– C. G. Jung, 1934-1939,

Zarathustra Seminar, Vol. 1, p. 396.

Co-leaders: Antonella Adorisio (CIPA-Rome), Joan Chodorow (CGJISF-San Francisco), Margarita Méndez (SVAJ-Caracas), and Tina Stromsted (CGJISF-San Francisco). With invited guests: Takane Hirai, assisted by Yukari Sakiyama. (see Pre-Congress Workshop online)

Interweaving theoretical, experiential, cultural and clinical material through presentations and discussion, this workshop will explore dance/movement as a form of active imagination, with special attention to the living body in analytic practice. By listening to the body to access and express the imagination, individuals may discover inner-directed movement as a way to bridge the realms of conscious and unconscious, body and psyche, instinct and spirit, affect and image, memory and emergence.

Sometimes called “authentic movement,” this form of active imagination focuses attention on felt bodily sensations, impulses, multi-sensory images, feelings and emotions, which are then allowed to emerge as symbolic enactment. The work is done with one’s eyes closed in the presence of a witness, whose task it is to hold and contain the experience of the person moving.

Analysts use the connection between body and psyche as a central clinical tool, yet there may be few opportunities to foster the development of this dimension. This workshop offers a structure within which analysts can both have a practical experience of their own moving imagination as well as enrich their understanding of its application to verbal analytic practice.

Morning and afternoon sessions include short papers, images, discussion, bodily awareness, reflection, movement experience, dialogue and exchange. Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothing and to bring a notebook and/or drawing materials to record their images and experiences.

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*Our Sunday Pre-Congress Workshop on danced and moving active imagination is referred to in both the overall program as well as the online registration form as Pre-Congress Workshop 2.

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