Amplification of Dance/Movement and Active Imagination: Personal, Cultural and Archetypal Dimensions

October 20, 2016

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bethesda, Maryland

Thursday All Day Intensive (seminar IS3). 9:00am – 4:00pm

Dancing Girls #4_1916_Arthur F. Mathews (1860-1945)-1

This panel presentation has its roots in an interdisciplinary seminar on Embodied Active Imagination that has evolved over decades. We will bring together Dance/Movement Therapists (DMTs) from east and west coasts to learn from each other, embrace shared teaching, offer presentations, and move and witness together.

Our work is inspired by the cross-cultural psychology of C. G. Jung, active imagination, and Authentic Movement. We draw from the contributions of Mary Whitehouse, Trudi Schoop, Marian Chase, and other DMT pioneers.


Joan Chodorow: Welcome & Introduction
Amplification: The Moving, Embodied Self and the World

Sharon Chaiklin:
East met West: Differences Diminished    

Nancy Gurian:
Implicit Knowledge 

Cynthia Berrol:
Archetype, Culture and Active Imagination: An Anthropological Perspective

Sandy Dibbell-Hope:
Self and Other: The Integration of Clinical Psychology, Mindfulness and Active Imagination in Psychotherapy

Tina Stromsted:
Embodied Alchemy: Authentic Movement & the Somatic Unconscious

Alchemy, an ancient cross cultural practice integrating physical, spiritual, and psychological elements, was rediscovered by C.G. Jung as he sought to understand the images in dreams. Jung noted that reappearing images heralded changes in the embodied psyche, reflecting a deeper transformative process at work. Alchemy’s basic elements can deepen our understanding of embodied healing, experienced spontaneously through the practice of Authentic Movement, a therapeutic and body/mind meditative practice with roots in C.G. Jung’s active imagination approach. Both practices bring awareness to what we least value—base matter, known as prima materia by the alchemists and as unconscious ‘shadow’ qualities by Jung. Providing an ancient map of the stages in the transformative / individuation process, alchemical practice uses the ‘dross’ of unwanted material to generate new life. Such a map can help orient people in their therapeutic work, particularly when they are immersed in unconscious material.

In this brief presentation, I will discuss the Alchemical metaphor in relation to the embodied individuation process in healing and development through moving and witnessing practice.  Drawing on Alchemy’s timeless elements, the afternoon’s experiential session will provide an opportunity to embody and explore the alchemical stage that resonates most in your life today.

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