Embodied Alchemy: Authentic Movement & the Somatic Unconscious

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Alchemy presents an ancient, cross-cultural map of the transformative process.  It integrates embodied and spiritual elements, brings awareness to what we least value, and works with unwanted material to generate new life. Such transformative processes are embedded in the somatic unconscious and find expression through natural movement, such as Authentic Movement.

This leads to what Jung called ‘individuation’–  the soul’s journey toward a more realized life; the process of becoming your authentic self.

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Workshop Content

In this 70-minute workshop we engage the following questions:

  • Explore the different stages and operations of the Alchemical process and how they relate to healing and development
  • View alchemical images that depict the transformative process
  • Deepen our understanding and familiarity with Authentic Movement in healing
  • Discuss alchemy as a model for progressively holding the energy of the opposites and finding a new synthesis
  • Discover how to integrate words, embodied experience, & symbolic expression within clinical practice


leaf2 See what people are saying about this workshop:

“Listened to the presentation from start to finish. Beautifully done, clear intelligence….like sparkling crystal clear water.. Very thoughtful, sourced across many decades. Voice tone gentle, created a sense of calm and safety. Creative content. One more closing word. Soulful.”

“It´s good to again and again bring back this old knowledge and ancient wisdom and see how it can connect to our life and practice here and now in this life. I enjoyed your selection of the pictures and fine attunement while interweaving the now and ancient.”

“Thank You and bless you for sharing this beautiful and moving material in your beautiful and moving voice. I was very affected by the message as well as the messenger. Our ‘voice’ in the world can be so healing and illuminating when embodied with such love and care. I particularly appreciated the integration of the wonderful images with the content and your beautifully composed and spoken delivery, which enriched the experience for me as well as adding Beauty and Heart to the information.”

“How lovely to watch and listen to your webinar! I loved the images and your talk on alchemy. Your descriptions of the earthy process are so moving and I felt so sensual throughout.”